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The Way to Infinity

Video Art Project

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The Way to Infinity..

A mother who doesn’t care about what she shows
A father who is absent from the reality of his family
TV, which is talking about prevention, and establishes concepts more profound than pornography
An adult boy who discovers the world around him
And Asks?
Who is she?
When can I touch her?
Do I look like Mohannad to make Noor infatuated by me.... Do I look as strong as Hercules to make Xena fall in my love?
Why they warn me of my sister... Is she my sister?
Many incentives which are seen by the other as normal things and this is what surprises ,provokes and pushes him to more and more to discover what the female is.
And when he starts to search and try they face him with repression bullying so he Introverts and grows up.... Grows up with many questions inside him and as the time passes he realizes that she is different from him... She seems more beautiful.
And he discovers that he isn’t as handsome as Mohannad nor she is thin as Noor
And realizes that isn’t as strong as Hercules and she isn’t clever as xena
Realizes that he isn’t her brother and he mustn’t be... Wants her closer
He dreams and clashes with the reality, which imposes repression to him
And she clashes with a man who suffers repression, oppression, and started harassing and threatens her at every moment while he is watching her from a far distance
The result is a suppressed male and a threatened female
Community fact is the prevalence of the phenomenon of sexual harassment are already made Egypt an exceptional country in this type of violence.
All countries are familiar with the violence against women in all its forms and manifestations (From rape and sexual harassment and domestic violence).
But apparently the Egyptian uniqueness in amount and nature of the violation, that happens in the Egyptian street toward any object that carries the features of the female.